As a Traxo partner, TRIPBAM clients receive complete data on all business travel bookings. 

There's an easier way to shop for better hotel rates


TRIPBAM provides agencies and corporations with a way to lower client hotel costs, improve compliance to a negotiated hotel program, increase hotel attachment rates, and more. 

Capture off-channel hotel savings with Traxo CONNECT

Traxo clients can automatically send their corporate hotel booking data to TRIPBAM for price monitoring.*

With over 40% of corporate hotel spend occurring outside a company's travel management company (TMC) or designated online booking tool (OBT), the missed savings opportunity adds up quickly.

TRIPBAM clients who sign up with Traxo CONNECT can recoup that savings opportunity by linking their off-channel hotel "leakage" data, captured by CONNECT, to their TRIPBAM service for price monitoring and reshop. 

As a complement to the TRIPBAM integration with your company's TMC, you recognize the same savings benefits for off-channel hotel bookings as you receive for your TMC hotel bookings.




TRIPBAM™ provides companies, travelers, and agencies a cloud based, fully automated hotel shopping service. Once a hotel booking is received, similar hotels are included in a “cluster” for monitoring. Hotels are selected based upon criteria set by the individual, company, or agency. As prices drop across this cluster, reservations are automatically cancelled and rebooked after traveler approval. Based upon historical results, TRIPBAM™ finds a better rate for a traveler more than 50% of the time, saving over $100 per booking.

About Traxo

Traxo is the global leader in corporate travel data capture & intelligence. Traxo eliminates booking blind spots and tracks your company’s complete travel activity in single, real-time, system-of-record – no matter where your employees book. 

* Requires TRIPBAM commercial agreement