Safeture clients can receive complete travel data on all business travel bookings through Traxo. 



Without a travel data capture tool in place, every travel program has booking blindspots. These breaks in visibility equate to incomplete data and missed opportunities to ensure traveler safety. That's why Safeture – a leading platform in employee safety, risk management, and crisis response – has partnered with Traxo to remove booking blindspots for Safeture clients. Traxo provides all-inclusive business travel booking data from all sources, on and off-channel. 

Complete business travel data enables: 

  • Enhanced traveler safety & risk management
  • Comprehensive travel spend insights & expense reporting
  • 100% visibility into corporate travel program compliance

If you’re a Safeture client who would like to know where all of your corporate travelers have been and plan to go next, contact the travel data experts at Traxo.

About Safeture

Safeture is a traveler safety, risk management, and crisis response platform the alerts management of incidents that may impact business travelers and assets. Safeture empowers key stakeholders and management to act swiftly in times of crisis, ensuring maximum traveler safety and risk management.

About Traxo

Traxo is the global leader in corporate travel data capture and travel program intelligence. Traxo eliminates booking blind spots and tracks your company’s complete travel activity in single, real-time, system-of-record – no matter where your employees book. 

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