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JESI, a remote worker management solution, has partnered with Traxo to detect travel bookings from on-channel and on-channel sources. With complete data, JESI clients can rest assured that every travel booking will receive complete duty of care.

Complete travel data empowers: 

  • Pre-trip travel program auditing that identities the source of leakage
  • Duty of care for all bookings, regardless of booking source
  • Actionable insights that drive policy compliance

If you're interested in learning more about how Traxo and JESI work together to create safer business travel and optimized program management, contact Traxo today. 

About JESI

JESI is an Australian software company that helps organizations monitor remote, geographically dispersed workers around the globe. JESI can be used to support corporate travel management, remote and on-site work, risk assessments and digital health checks. 

About Traxo

Traxo is the leader in business travel data capture and pre-trip auditing. Traxo enables organizations to identify and correct travel program leakage by capturing complete corporate travel booking data from all TMC and non-TMC sources.

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