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HotelPlanner helps companies achieve the lowest rates on hotel bookings by allowing customers to get quotes online directly from hotel group sales managers, as well as getting access to all rate sources in the industry. By working with Traxo, HotelPlanner clients have a unique opportunity to gather comprehensive booking data and identify trends in employee behavior that reveal new opportunities and empower stronger negotiations.

Traxo and HotelPlanner Enable:

  • Comprehensive, real-time visibility into all business travel bookings
  • Greater awareness of booking trends, new potential suppliers, and stronger negotiations backed by clear and accurate data 
  • Powerful price assurance based on realized rates

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About Hotel Planner

HotelPlanner is a hospitality website that specializes in group hotel reservations, helping you find lower prices for hotel bookings by instantly comparing bids from its various partners. HotelPlanner has a network of hotels all over the world and guarantees the lowest real-time rates.

About Traxo

Traxo is the industry's source for complete business travel data capture and pre-trip auditing. Traxo gives travel managers total program visibility by capturing bookings from both approved and off-channel sources.

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