Fox World Travel

As a Traxo partner, Fox World Travel clients receive complete data on corporate travel bookings. 



Even the most strictly-mandated travel programs have booking blindspots. That's why Fox World Travel – one of the United States' leading Travel Management Companies (TMC) – is partnered with Traxo to eliminate booking blindspots for Fox customers. Traxo provides Fox World Travel and its clients with comprehensive travel booking data, regardless of booking channel. 

Access to this powerful travel data enables: 

  • Enhanced duty of care for business travelers
  • Deeper travel spend insights & reporting
  • Visibility into travel program compliance

If you’re a Fox World Travel client who would like to know where all of your travelers have been, are currently, and plan to go next, contact the Traxo travel data experts.

About Fox World Travel

Fox World Travel is an innovative TMC headquartered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which employs more than 280 associates. Thank to the company's passion for travel and exceptional service, Fox was ranked #26 on Travel Weekly's Power List in 2020.

About Traxo

Traxo is the control center for modern corporate travel managers, eliminating blind spots and tracking your company’s complete travel activity in single, real-time, system-of-record – no matter where your employees book.