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DigiTravel works with Traxo to harness comprehensive pre-trip travel data on business travel for their clients. With this data, DigiTravel clients can identify the sources of travel program leakage, optimize travel management processes and lead more efficient corporate travel programs.

DigiTravel and Traxo Enable: 

  • Access to omnichannel travel data no matter where employees book travel
  • Deeper travel insights for safer, more cost-effective travel programs
  • Greater flexibility in travel program policies without compromising safety, insights or savings

If you're interested in learning more about how Traxo and DigiTravel work together to make these corporate travel program enhancements possible, reach out to Traxo today. 

About DigiTravel Consulting

DigiTravel Consulting helps organizations break free, flatten complex processes,  establish new digital channels, open up booking options, free up resources, innovate and improve travel management. 

About Traxo

Traxo is the corporate travel industry's leading data capture and pre-trip auditing solution. Traxo captures data on all business travel bookings, regardless of booking source, so you can eliminate program leakage for good. 

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