Advantage Travel Partnership +
WIN Global Travel Network

As Traxo for TMCs partners, Advantage and WIN's clients receive complete travel booking data.



Every travel program experiences some amount of leakage. That's why the Advantage Travel Partnership, the UK’s largest independent travel agent partnership, and the WIN Global Travel Network partnered with Traxo to remove travel booking blindspots for their clients. Traxo provides Advantage and WIN clients with complete travel booking data, no matter where travel is booked. 

Access to this insightful booking data empowers: 

  • Improved duty of care for all travelers
  • Comprehensive travel spend data & reporting
  • Insights on travel program compliance

If you’re an Advantage Travel Partnership or WIN Global Travel Network client who would like to know where all of your travelers have been, are currently, and plan to go next, contact the Traxo travel data experts.

About the Advantage Travel Partnership

The independent agents of the Advantage Travel Partnership produce over £4.5 billion in travel sales each year, making them experts in every aspect of the travel industry. Advantage provides its business and leisure travel agents with the tools to offer their customers the most comprehensive range of travel products with full financial protection.

About the WIN Global Travel Network

WIN Global Travel Network connects corporate clients to travel management experts around the world. WIN has partners in 75 countries with more than 30,000 employees worldwide. WIN's travel partners manage more over $15 billion in annual travel turnover.

About Traxo

Traxo is the control center for modern corporate travel managers, eliminating blind spots and tracking your company’s complete travel activity in single, real-time, system-of-record – no matter where your employees book. 


A Traxo sales representative will contact you to schedule a demo of Traxo.