Turn supplier-direct bookings from an aggravation to an asset

Traxo DIRECT makes your company's negotiated rates bookable directly on supplier websites and mobile apps, ensuring your employees get the best rates on their business travel bookings, even when booking outside of your preferred booking tools or corporate agency.

With real-time access to booking data, you can ensure budget compliance even when employees book directly with suppliers.  Track and compare your supplier-direct spend to your in-channel spend to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

And with instant data integration to your Duty of Care service provider for safety and security, you can rest assured that employees are protected, even when they book outside your program.

Traxo DIRECT is available as part of the Traxo CONNECT solution suite for comprehensive travel data aggregation and management.


“The Traxo DIRECT integration with United gives our employees the content and user experience they want without me losing ability to accomplish any of our program goals: duty of care, supplier negotiations and being good stewards of our and our client’s money. It’s a win-win when the travel program’s needs align with the traveler’s wants.”

Suzanne Boyan, ZS Associates



Benefits for Travel Managers

  • Realize program savings via your negotiated rates
  • No TMC/OBT booking fees or support fees
  • Real-time data access for compliance tracking
  • Integration to Duty of Care for safety and security


Benefits for Employees

  • Superior booking experience and customer service
  • Access to loyalty points, perks, and upgrades
  • Better service and support directly from suppliers



Example Traxo DIRECT Integration:  United Airlines

Corporate clients who have negotiated rates in place with United Airlines can enable employees to book those rates directly on the United website and mobile app, ensuring rate compliance and duty of care support.

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